ePerks | My personal review on ePerks.com

May 29, 2008
Hello ePerks.com inquirers!

Today I writing a FREE review about a new site called ePerks.com.  Yes, I am not getting paid for this.  I happened to come across a cool site and thought I should let some other people know about it as well.

As many of you most likely know there is a great deal of noise going around about this new website called ePerks.com. The site basically offers “perks” to consumers who choose to do business with real estate agent, automotive dealers, and home improvement contractors on their network. For real estate, eperks.com provides the consumer cash back. For home improvement, the contractors provide discounts, and for automotive, eperks.com provides gifts and cash savings. My understanding is that they will be releasing more service industries as time moves forward. They have marketed themselves as the ebay for services.  KInd of how ebay is a place for discounted goods ePerks is a place for discounted services.

Personally I like th idea and hope it takes off.  I hate the idea of having to pay 6%  or more to a real estate agent to sell my home.  No doubt its hard work selling a home but so is street sweeping and you dont see them getting paid several tens of thousands of dollars for sweeping the sidewalk in front of my house or even the whole block.   I have been a realtor for several years and can see many more sites like ePerks.com popping up in the near future.  Lets be honest now that I know that sites like this exists I would have to be an idiot to go with a full price agent ever again.

For real estate the website calculates the cash back the consumer would recieve for doing business with a particular agent.  ePerks also has a MLS where you can search for homes for sale in your local neighborhood.  The calculator is kinda nifty in that it calculates the cash back you would receive for the homes you view in their mls search service.   Given this real estate market I think websites such as ePerks.com will definitely improve the current situation. We all want incentives and this is one way of getting a free 50 inch plasma TV.

For Automotive ePerks.com provides gifts and cash prizes. They have lots of dealers on their network each with their own set of incentives. For example if I buy a car with Bob Baker Ford I get 3 months of free gas, free satellite radio, or 2 nights in Vegas.

For Home improvement I can receive discounted services. Given that contractors have the reputation to be dishonest I dont know if I’m truly receiving a discount nonetheless its nice to know that I may be getting something at a better cost.

I understand the site is fairly new so I’m not sure how many ePerks.com consumers have intereacted with the site.

This is what I have so far I understand the company who owns it, Brabus Ventures is also releasing a payperpost type service called iHype.  Apparently it is curerntly in early Beta so once its officially launched I will write a review about it.